About Us

About Us

Empowering Common Citizens to Understand and Manage Health Records

GUDMED was born to fill the need for basic healthcare knowledge of patients, because of incorrect, insufficient, or irregular medications and health information. Surprisingly, it is found that >96% of patients (including educated ones) take prescribed medications without understanding the prescription; while >82% of patients forget to take medicines on time and do not maintain the desired interval between medications. This leads to risking their own health and may lead to chronic diseases.

This knowledge gap was found to be majorly driven by the complex and unreadable handwriting of doctor’s prescriptions. For example:

  • >95% of prescriptions are written in English, while only 10–12% of the population can read English.
  • There is no standard prescription format for writing prescriptions. used across hospitals, clinics and doctors.
  • Doctors have limited availability to explain the medicines prescribed. On an average, doctors in India spend about 2 minutes per OPD patient. limited or There is no organised paramedical infrastructure or volunteers to explain medicines, dosages, and treatments.
  • Patients and attendants use their own judgement based on information collated from medical shops, the internet, and others for administering their medication and treatment.

GUDMED today provides solutions for patients and doctors to bridge the patient care gap while digitizing health records. Driven by an AI-enabled technology platform, we convert handwritten prescriptions into digital prescriptions, which are then transformed into a proprietary format that is easy to understand and in the patient’s preferred language. The unique platform helps create secure digital health records, sends reminders for dosages and follow-up visits, and allows patients to track their vitals on a periodic basis. Above all, Above all, this technology enabled service is clinic or hospital agnostic, enabling patients to use it anytime for any prescription through a simple WhatsApp based journey.

Yes! Another USP of GUDMED is that there are no apps required to be downloaded!

What do we do

GudMed Platform enables individuals to have AI-assisted virtual healthcare consulting through simple WhatsApp upload and getting the information they require through phone or messages.

Prescription Translation Can Directly Affect Your Health!


You May Travel or vacation in any state or a foreign country you might face language issues and especially related to health. So, anytime you can ask us to modify your prescription’s language as per your local language. As one or many services GudMed can provide prescription translation from English to Hindi, English to Punjabi, English to Tamil, or any other possible combination language translation. And that will be easier for you to communicate with the local pharmacists and always take your medicines on time with several other options.

We also serve important instructions on how to take medicines and their timings with dose structures as well as the side effects for the particular drug. And with prescribed quantity, through a qualified Doctor.

Our goal is to make Medical Healthcare services Digitalized in our nation. So, no one forgets to take their medicines on time as well as the right drug with all followed instructions from very high qualified Doctors from all over the world.


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